After two years only having released version 0.0.3-b2 of SharpMT940Lib we instantly jump to release version 0.1.0. This is because this release has significant changes including some breaking changes.

With no longer a due I wish to present you all with the new release of SharpMT940Lib version 0.1.0. It took some while as the last release was about 2 years ago, but on the other side, I could be as slow as the Xanadu project

I wish to thank the people who have reported issues and asked questions. Please keep them coming.

What has been changed?

  • Improved automated testing
  • Changed xunit for nunit
  • Introduced the Money object
  • Added the generic format
  • Changed the namespace from Raptorious.Finance.Swift.Mt940Format to Raptorious.SharpMt940Lib.Mt940Format
  • Fixed issue #1: Regex problem in transaction
  • Additional small fixes