After watching a presentation of Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery I decided to take a look at my blog again because I was neglecting it a bit.

I found it in an ‘interesting state’. In the past few months there were about 2500 comments placed on this site and waiting for approval. All comments where spam though, so I could delete them all.

I didn’t receive any email of the placed comments, so after a quick test I found out my site didn’t send any email anymore. Which caused me to miss the contact messages I received via the site. At first I thought my site, didn’t matter that much, but actually receiving questions is inspiring.

The people at Manager actually included the SharpMT940Lib library in their software.

Hi, I have included your library SharpMt940Lib into my free accounting software Manager ( So thank you, some of my users are going to be very happy. I have included link to your website here: Regards, Lubos Hasko

I’ll try to answer the messages, via email and blog posts, as soon as possible.