Ever since I did an upgrade to windows 8.1 I have a problem with my onboard soundcard. The problem persists on Windows 10. When I play music the volume fluctuates, something I find quite anoying.

Initially I fixed the sound annoyance by listening to music on headphones. My headphones do no have this problem because they are USB connected with an integrated audio processor.

I am mostly writing this article for myself, so that I remember when I reinstall my windows machine.

Initially I thought spotify caused the problem, but when I listened to music on youtube the same problem occured.

I’ve tried every single trick available on the Internet that I could find. Things that didn’t work:

  1. Right click on the audio icon and select ‘playback devices’. On the communications tab of the audio device set the radio button to ‘Do Nothing’.
  2. In the same ‘playback devices’ screen, go to ‘Playback’. Select the speakers and click properties. On the ‘Enhancements’ tab disable all enhancements.
  3. Disable all microphones.
  4. Reinstall sound card with official Realteck drivers.
  5. Reinstall sound card with default windows drivers ‘High Definition Audio Device’.
  6. Disable all other sound cards, such as the sound device embedded in my video card for sounds over HDMI.

None of these options seemed to work. Then I tried the ‘Loudness Equalization’ option. I set the release time to ‘long’. It didn’t solve the problem, but it seems to happen less often.

I am quite sure, the drivers or hardware of my embedded sound processor is the cause of the problem. I should either buy a new motherboard or buy a real soundcard.